Michael Cuellar - Executive Director and Vice-President

Michael holds a B. A. in Political Science and Masters of Public Administration.  He has 9+ years’ experience working in contract compliance and grant management.  Michael’s passions include international travel, photography, volunteering, and history.

Ellie and President Bill Clinton at the White House at the announcement of the President's new Community Development Proposal on July 15, 1993.

Meet the Board

In 2009, Bill volunteered as an ESC facilitator and in 2011 he helped ESC founder, Ellie Wegener, revitalize the organization. In 2013, Bill was appointed Executive Director and retired from the position in October 2016. Bill enjoys reading, music, yoga and tai chi.

ESC has a simple mission. We conduct group meetings for the unemployed and the under-employed, guiding individuals through networking and one-on-one sessions. ESC helps them to:​
  • acquire the skills needed to quickly gain interviews, to interview successfully and to be offered the job
  • help each other through the process of finding a job
  • swap leads, contacts and job search information
  • provide mutual support during unemployment, one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life.

What We’re Doing

Rick Bialczak - Secretary

Rick Bialczak is a native of Upstate New York with a B.A. from the University of Maryland and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center.  He has spent his entire career working on behalf of employees and labor unions. Currently he researches and consults on labor management relations. 




Bill Bridges- Director

Originally from England, Bill enjoyed a successful career in the welding industry in Europe before moving to Frederick, MD to manage Abicor Binzel. He first attended an ESC support group in 2008 after an extended period of unemployment. With their help he soon found an office manager position.​

Jack Hinman - Director

Jack's involvement with the ESC allows him to share many years of experience working in the legal field as well as in the federal government. In his spare time, Jack enjoys spending time with his family.

2013 - present: Director

1984-2013: Executive Director 

1982-'84: Director of National Unemployment Clearinghouse for the National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs in Washington, D.C.

Project Director/for a two-year neighborhood training contract with the Civic Action Institute for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Organized citywide conferences in 12 cities to teach neighborhood leaders neighborhood technologies to start in their areas.

1970-'77: Started first community crime prevention program in.West Philadelphia Pa., to help neighborhood people be safer. This led to development of crime prevention training programs for neighborhood leaders and the development of 10,000 organized blocks in Philadelphia and a national crime prevention training center that we established in Philadelphia to offer the program nationwide. It has now become "Neighborhood Watch," and is offered in neighborhoods by local police.

Areas of expertise: 
Journalism, Neighborhood Organizing, Public Relations,Networking, Interviewing, Career Counselling